Rental FAQs

Every renter is required to provide proof of insurance, including those renting the facility for a single event.  Contact your insurance agent if you have questions or to purchase an event policy.

The large ballroom/auditorium floor is 2000 square feet plus a raised theater stage of 1100 square feet.  The small ballroom/gallery is 1000 square feet.  Both are available for rent, either separately or together.  There is an interior connecting door.

The food service area is 900 square feet and kitchen facilities are provided at no extra charge.

If you are interested in renting, please complete the form on our Contact page or call the Center at 206-323-3877.

RCC Layout

We require a $200 damage/security deposit to reserve the facility.

We present the facility to you in good operating order.  If you have objections prior to use, it is mandatory that you make us aware in writing.  We expect that you will leave the facility clean, with furniture returned to storage or replaced in its original location.

If we find cleaning necessary after your use, we reserve the right to retain all or part of the damage deposit to cover our expenses.

We require you to obtain, hold, and display whatever the regulatory authorities require.

If you serve or sell alcoholic beverages, you must obtain a permit from the State of Washington liquor control board.  Permit information and applications are available at

We stock both long and short folding tables along with banquet chairs and folding chairs.  Folding tables and chairs are stored under the stage in the large ballroom/auditorium.  Banquet chairs and round tables are also available for both large and small ballrooms.  We are happy to share these items with you provided you make arrangements with us prior to their use and subsequently return them neatly to storage.

In consideration of the tragic loss of lives in facilities of this nature around the world, NO ITEMS OF FIRE are permitted in and around this facility.  Violations breach our agreement and are grounds for immediate expulsion and forfeiture to the Center of monies owing.

We do not own a parking lot.  St. Joseph Catholic Church and School across the street from the RCC has sometimes let groups use their parking by prior arrangement, as well as some businesses in the area.  Generally street parking is available and less crowded than other parts of Capitol Hill.

Noise is regulated by City of Seattle ordinances which change periodically.  It is the responsibility of our tenants to be knowledgeable about these regulations and comply with them.  You will be required to respect the tranquility, peace, and quiet of the neighborhood and, should disputes arise, to limit or terminate noise accordingly, irrespective of ordinance requirements.

We have designed our kitchen to have the look and feel of cooking at home.  Our three electric ranges are of a domestic type – two of which are under a commercial ventilation hood.  We provide three sinks for washing dishes and a large stainless steel working island.  We do not provide a dishwasher, garbage disposal, or kitchen personnel.  Accordingly, if kitchen facilities are used, tenants shall supervise their own procedures to include guarding against harmful materials from being washed down kitchen sinks.  If sinks become plugged, a Roto-Rooter service shall be ordered and charged to the tenant accordingly.  The same applies to leaving kitchen facilities neat and clean upon the conclusion of use, including disposal of related waste.  We require all tenants to conscientiously observe City of Seattle rules for garbage disposal and recycling; to that end, an outside dumpster, food waste disposal container, and several recycling bins are provided for tenant use at no extra charge.

The tenant is responsible at all times for the safety of the building, its occupants, passersby, operations, etc.  This includes operation of space heaters, fireplace, electric ranges, lighting, exterior doors and entrances, key control, immediate cleanup of spills to preclude slipping and falls, preventing fights and disturbances, enforcing boundary limits, hiring SPD officers, etc.  Every good-faith manner and means shall be used to protect persons and property.

There is a grand piano on the stage of the large ballroom/auditorium and a small piano in the small ballroom/gallery for tenants renting those respective spaces.

A self-serve coat rack is available just south of the main entrance doors to the large ballroom/auditorium.

There is a small space provided on the large ballroom/auditorium balcony level where tenants can set up to sell items in a formal manner.

In the small ballroom/gallery a table display can be used.